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Case Study - Persimmon Homes

Feb 23, 2022

Persimmon Homes approached DMS in 2016 for support in procuring an innovative managed print solution and to achieve ‘digital transformation’ in order improve their internal document control processes. Through initial consultation with them, we identified that they were facing the following key challenges:

Thanks to our expertise and our innovative managed print service, we were able to offer a solution that could be applied across PH’s multiple sites to control their reprographics equipment in a unified and integrated fashion. Designed and implemented by team of experts in the delivery of managed print services, our solution has supported them to achieve integration, quality and consistency for users across their fleet of device.

In delivering a solution for PH, we followed our tried and tested ‘customer journey’ from Discover Phase to Implementation, as outlined below:

DMS Solution – from Discovery to Implementation

Based on our 25+ years’ experience of delivering excellent managed services and digital transformation for our customers, we have a tried and test ‘end to end’ process in place for implementing our solutions. Our process with PH involved providing input from Consultation right through to the Implementation and install of solutions, followed by ongoing management. Driven by
our Directors, Pre-sales Consultants and Installation Teams, our process ensures projects are scoped and delivered accurately on time and every time.

To ensure the project was scoped accurately, we provide an extensive initial Discovery Phase to ‘understand’ PH’s current situation, their vision for transformation and address the challenges they were facing. As part of Pre-Sales package, we delivered an in-depth audit and site survey which mapped and scoped all existing infrastructure, devices and the digital environment.

Through our Discovery Phase, our Pre-Sales Consultants and described in detail the state of the document environment. They complied a comprehensive report, including details of technical issues, maps of the physical location of all output devices and opportunities to increase document effectiveness and efficiency.

This also scoped:

  • Device survey and usage
  • Networking control
  • Host printing
  • Electronic distribution
  • Archiving or current document storage systems
  • Document print workflow
  • Document security
  • Environmental impacts and waste
  • Customer satisfaction related to output quality, production speed, emissions, functionality, start-up speed and availability

We also looked very closely at environmental impact, including the energy being used by photocopiers through heat generation, to recommend more sustainable technology.

Our survey confirmed the Total Cost of Ownership as a basis for highlighting any potential cost savings, reductions and efficiencies. At this stage, we also worked closely with the customer to confirm any existing contact liabilities that affected them in switching to improve accuracy of the solution, we also provided:

Once this process was complete and the solution was agreed with PH, we outlined a full Statement of Works (SOW) and delivery plan. This outlined the timescales, responsibilities and overall plan for implementing the managed service solution. To ensure delivery to the customers required timescales, as part of the SLA we committed to an agreed delivery schedule that was designed to reduce and disruption to their working environment. Our Service Director, Jamie Harris, effectively planned and coordinated installs, ensuring delivery to timescales through closely monitoring our installation teams progress and using Prince-2 Project Management Methodology.

Innovation and added value

To maximise innovation and improve the quality of the products for the client, the ‘key pillars’ of our solution included:

Providing the Develop Ineo range

To provide an excellent managed print solution, we upgraded the client’s hardware to the Develop Ineo range of printers to achieve the following benefits:

Directly benefitting PH’s office environments, we selected this solution because the new ineo i-Series is the fastest ever range, boosting workflow and cutting out waiting times for the client. Thanks to the new 4 Core Central Processing Unit, it is 4 x faster than previous ineo+ models. PH have been able to benefit from the new controller, which integrates all processes and distributes tasks more effectively within the Central Processing Unit. As a result, their user experience is now smoother and quicker and there is zero waiting time while operating the ineo i-Series. In addition, with the new media sensor, paperweight detection is automatic, and the correct settings are reliably applied every time. Enhancing convenience for PH staff, this has allowed them to avoid setting mistakes and minimise paper jams.

Providing Papercut MF

To meet the clients managed print requirements, we recommended PaperCut MF print management software as a key element of our innovative solution. This is because PaperCut MF allows the client to monitor and control print output with simple, easy to use administrative tools that can be accessed anywhere on the network.

From our implementation of PaperCut we have supported the client to achieve the following significant benefits, including:

Added value


Since the beginning of our partnership with PH, from implementing our unique solutions, we have delivered significant cost savings and efficiencies for them. Our key achievements have been:

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