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Why Is Data Admission for Schools Stuck in the Stone Age?

Mar 16, 2023

Data admission is a key part of educational logistics at any stage of learning and helps to ensure efficiency, security and consistency within the increasingly digitised education sector.

Here at DMS we’re experts in implementing technological solutions to aid in performance and convenience for any type of operation, including educational platforms.

What Is Data Admission And Why Is It Important?

Data admission and collation pertains to any information a school or educational organisation requests a parent or guardian to provide surrounding their child for necessary purposes and instances.

This may include:

This type of data and the way it’s collected or stored can be extremely important as it often contains private, medical or financial information and must be collated and housed in accordance with UK data protection laws.

Without these types of information a student may miss out on educational trips and class outings or in more serious circumstances could have their health put at risk in situations concerning dietary allergies.

How Technology Can Revolutionise School Data Admission And Storage

More Convenient For All Involved

By implementing online data management systems, the need to fill in, hand deliver and manually process physical documents will be eradicated.

Parents, students and staff alike will be able to quickly and efficiently submit, locate and alter data information from a remote location, without the need for potentially delaying travel and subsequent processing time.

Environmentally Friendly

The myriad of forms and documents mentioned above that are quantified as potentially relevant data for a school/college/university, are all made from paper, meaning for larger, less adaptive educational institutions, they could be needlessly using and storing tens of thousands of data sheets.

An online management system is paperless, therefore far kinder to the environment, freeing up valuable resource space and also eliminating the chance of misplacing or damaging a physical document copy, leading to further potentially costly and wasteful re-printing.

A reduction in an organisation's carbon footprint and financial outgoings in terms of printing resources can rapidly amount to considerable savings which can be allocated to more urgent issues and worthy causes.

Accurate And Efficient

Digital data collation is fully automated by advanced softwares and digital programmes, and can be meticulously overseen by a dedicated, experienced DMS IT manager. This ensures all data collected and stored is done in the most streamlined and accurate fashion.

For instance if a student's information needs updating or an error needs correcting, this can be done within a matter of seconds rather than having to wait for school office opening hours and manually amending a document.

In Fact automated systems enable maximum availability and convenience, allowing data entry 24/7 no matter what the situation, whereas more archaic institutions rely on standard (or even shorter) office hours through the week.

Cloud Is King

The benefits of instant, non remote storage of data and important documents can positively impact an organisation's business model tenfold by auto-triaging priorities.

Simply streamlining time and resources spent on potentially cloud-delegable matters, means more attention required tasks can be actioned.

Why Choose DMS’ Digital Technology Solutions?

A Bolton based business, with over 40 years experience offering Technology and IT solutions, we here at DMS pride ourselves on our ability to deliver creative and effective means of augmenting an operation’s digital space on a massive scale.

A bespoke digital strategy of technology fused with relevant content, could propel your institution to new frontiers. DMS solutions are an investment in your organisation's ethos, demonstrating a willingness to not only react to and accept the current climate of the educational system, but think forward towards more success.

If you want to launch your organisation into the future via digital education, get in touch with us today!

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