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Digitalisation Of The Education Sector - What Happens Next?

Nov 18, 2022

It's apparent to see, at all levels digitalisation has overhauled the way people digest and output information and essentially - learn. The educational sector has evolved to incorporate digital solutions to enhance the learning experience for students and optimise the effective imparting of knowledge on behalf of teachers/lecturers.

How Technology Has Transformed The Education Industry

From infants to postgrad university students, any contemporary learner will be familiar with ‘EdTech’ and its increasing relevance and application in everyday life.

Younger Learners

Primary school children are able to expertly navigate tablets and have only ever known digitally interactive screens, in fact there is now such an onus on digital learning in the classroom, the Department of Education recently released a new mandate on meeting digital and technology standards for schools.

This includes guidance on broadband, IT security and Wi-Fi, as the world becomes increasingly digitised, the youngest learners are fast becoming equipped to utilise the technology available to them.

COVID-19 And Remote Learning

The tumultuous uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in the past few years sped up the dependency on technology for education from moderate to necessity.

Zoom lessons and lectures, remote teaching and online exams all became syllabus regulars across the country, as the ‘new normal’ consisted of far more screen learning than the previous generations’ weekly 60 minute IT lesson.

Further Education

University undergraduate and postgraduate students already had a level of technological engagement when it came to their learning syllabus. Many university courses digitise lectures and other digestible resources for students to use, as the onus of self learning was already a major component of further education.

That being said, further reliance on technology due to natural progression in the field and again the resulting pandemic protocols meant higher education organisations adapted with even more online learning.

How Digitalisation Will Further Impact Educational Institutions

There is no sign of the digital revolution slowing anytime soon, in fact just the opposite when it comes to the education sector. Here are some of the ways experts predict that technology will continue to play a major role in learning over the next decade and beyond -

Navigating The Pitfalls Of Technology & Online Education

While it's already clear to see the impact of digital learning platforms on the student population, it's extremely important to note that these new frontiers of information communication pose some serious threats and must be monitored and regulated stringently. Online safety, security and good practice must also be taught in a synchronised manner along with the incorporation of digital tools, the onus is to provide a support system to navigate new challenges that crop up with the learning of new skills.


Responsibly managed, it is extremely evident the advancement in ‘EdTech’ has limitless possibilities in terms of learning enhancement and information communication for both students and teachers. Many education institutions have already adopted new technologies amid the digital transformation, allowing for more dynamic sessions via a higher cognitive stimulation.

Why Choose DMS’ Digital Technology Solutions?

A Bolton based business, with over 40 years experience offering Technology and IT solutions, we here at DMS pride ourselves on our ability to deliver creative and effective means of augmenting an operation’s digital space on a massive scale.

A bespoke digital strategy of technology fused with relevant content, could propel your institution to new frontiers. DMS solutions are an investment in your organisation's ethos, demonstrating a willingness to not only react to and accept the current climate of the educational system, but think forward towards more success.

If you want to launch your organisation into the future via digital education, get in touch with us today!

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