The Benefits of Using a Managed Print Service

Feb 09, 2022

Did you know that your business could potentially save up to 30% off its printing costs with a Managed Print Service (MPS) implemented? Find out how DMS’ Managed Print Service could help your business to make significant savings and a whole range of other benefits that come with it!

Greater Control With a Managed Print Service

A managed print service automatically gives you increased visibility of your business’ printer usage, allowing you and our team to work together to identify any opportunities to optimise your print structure.

Doing so gives you a greater amount of control over your print-related expenditure, helping you to keep costs down wherever possible.

By combining the latest award-winning hardware and unmatched service levels by our team of experts, the DMS managed print service can put you back in control of your printing with a bespoke contract designed to meet your business’ specific needs, helping you to reduce waste, save time and cut costs.

Increased Efficiency With a Managed Print Service

Each year, thousands of pounds are lost from business due to inefficiencies in their print process.

Fortunately, DMS’ Managed Print Service can provide a full thorough audit of your existing print setup in order to identify any inefficiencies and potential efficiency gains.

We then design an advanced printing infrastructure that provides the printing volume capacity and printer availability that your business requires as well as offering more streamlined workflow solutions.

Our automated service and toner alerts mean you never need to worry about running out of your printer’s resources, allowing you to focus on your day-to-day business safe in the knowledge that DMS has it covered.

Improved Security

With hundreds of millions of euros worth of fines being handed out by the GDPR governors, it’s especially important that your business is fully compliant with all data protection regulations and has sufficient protection against cybercrime which could put your data at risk.

You may have never suspected that the inconspicuous printer sitting in the corner of your office could be a data security issue, however, they pose a security risk when their internal hard drives store previous print jobs in their queues.

Anyone who can access the printer may be able to hack into the printer's OS and view those documents, which could contain sensitive information.

At DMS, we also have a set of security features to keep your printers and copiers secure. If your devices are from DMS, our team of experienced data security technicians can securely protect them either prior to delivery or on your premises in order to improve your business’ cyber security.

Improve Sustainabilities

Nowadays, one of the biggest concerns for many businesses is sustainability. More and more customers are choosing eco-friendly brands over their inefficient competition.

By increasing your business’ efficiency, not only will you become more appealing to environmentally conscious shoppers, but you will also see some incredible money savings, helping to keep business costs down.

Through monitored usage of paper, power consumables and space wastage, DMS can help you to evaluate where reductions need to be made and how you can limit your energy usage.

Why Choose DMS for your Managed Print Solution?

DMS offers comprehensive yet flexible Managed Print Services (MPS), tailored towards the specific needs of your business.

At the core of our offering is our undivided support which means we do everything we can to ensure your company has an effective MPS that it benefits from every day – and we’re on hand to help whenever you need us.

Choosing DMS for your MPS helps you reduce the cost and complexity of business printing.

Leaving the management of your printer fleet to us frees up your time and staff resources, and having the option of our innovative ‘DMS One’ bundles helps to eliminate capital expenditure.

For more information, get in touch with one of our friendly team members today.

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