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DMS One Bundles Explained

Sep 14, 2021

This leads to a mountain of invoices to process, multiple account managers to meet with and can leave staff with ineffective technology solutions that hinder productivity.

That’s why we offer monthly bundles with DMS One, a comprehensive service taking care of all your business’ technology needs under a single, easy to manage contract.

How Does it Work?

To begin with, our experts conduct an independent and thorough investigation of your existing technology infrastructure, analysing the usage and cost of each device and calculating exactly what you’re spending each month and where savings could be made.

Only once we’ve seen the full picture and fully understood your current setup can realistic propositions for change and savings be made.

With the comprehensive information that our audit report will provide for you, along with the expert recommendations that are also included, we can work together to create a bespoke leasing package that meets all of your needs, including managed print services (MPS), end user IT, network infrastructure, telecommunications, software, audio and visual and collaboration furniture.

From there we’ll also offer regular maintenance and support when you need it, ensuring your technology is always performing as it should and preventing major issues occuring.

Once implemented, we can guarantee that the recommendations we make will generate a difference that is immediately noticeable. You’ll see visible reductions in operational costs and also discover that you will be paying less for paper, consumables and power.

In addition, by enhancing workplace efficiencies and reducing technology downtime, your staff will also be able to dramatically improve their productivity

What are the Benefits of DMS One Bundles?

Only Pay for the Things You Need

Thanks to our in-depth audit, we can assess exactly what your business needs and create a package that tailors to those needs. This means you’ll only ever be paying for the things you really need and we can always adjust the bundles if you ever find you need more or less.

Always Have the Latest Technology

With regular purchasing of equipment, it would be impossible to stay on top of the latest technology as it would cost too much to constantly replace your equipment with the latest versions, however, thanks to DMS, always having the best, most up-to-date technology can be made a reality with the option to lease equipment and pay monthly.

Less Upfront Cost

With monthly bundles, you can spread the cost of your technology over 3 to 6 years, making it much more affordable than paying an upfront lump sum. This means you’ll have more cash available to work with each month.

Greater Choice and Flexibility

Due to the flexibility of leasing and the ability to spread the cost, you can look at better equipment from top brands that may have otherwise been out of your budget.

Team of Experts Always on Hand

When you purchase equipment, you are responsible for organising regular maintenance and repairs when things go wrong. This typically involves long waiting times for engineers to come out, leaving staff without the proper equipment they need, hindering productivity.

Not to mention, once the warranty on your devices has expired, you are then responsible for covering the cost of repairs, or if the equipment cannot be repaired, a replacement which can be incredibly costly.

Fortunately, at DMS support and maintenance from our expert engineers is included in our bundles to ensure your devices are up-to-date and working as they should. By having regular services, any smaller issues can be spotted early on and resolved before they become bigger, more serious issues, helping to increase the lifespan of your devices.

In the rare event that anything should go wrong, you can relax knowing our team of experts are always on hand to help with any issues or queries you may have, so you’ll never be left with ineffective or broken equipment.

Example Bundle

SME Office Bundle

for a 10 person office


Leave the leg work to us. We provide you with one contract, one solution, one payment and one account manager just so you have one less headache. Get in touch with our team at DMS today to discuss how we can help to shape your business.

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