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Make Your Conference Stall Stand Out

Sep 14, 2023

In today's competitive business landscape, conferences and trade shows provide valuable opportunities for companies to showcase their products and services, connect with potential clients, and stay ahead of industry trends.

However, with numerous exhibitors competing for attention, it's essential to make your conference stall stand out from the crowd.

In this guide, we’ll be giving you some of the best tips and tricks for making a lasting impression with your conference stall.

Designing a Memorable Stall

Make it Approachable

Designing an approachable stand is essential for making your stand inviting to conference attendees. Use attractive visuals, such as banners or backdrops that reflect your company’s identity so that visitors know exactly who you are from the get-go.

Create an Icebreaker

Incorporate some sort of icebreaker so attendees feel more comfortable approaching and striking up a conversation. This could be a game, a challenge or freebies.

Popular games and challenges that typically get visitors involved include:

While these games may not be directly related to your service or product, they’re great conversation starters and make you as a company more memorable.

If you have any products of your own to offer as freebies, this is a great way to get attendees to test them out and take them home. However, if your products are slightly pricier or if you offer a service, you can offer branded freebies such as:

By giving visitors something useful to take home with them with your branding on, they’re more likely to be reminded of your business long after they have left the event.

Provide a Comfortable Space for Discussions

In addition to captivating visuals and strategic placement of screens, it's important to provide comfortable spaces within your booth for demonstrations and discussions.

Designate areas where attendees can gather, relax, and have meaningful conversations with your team.

Utilise Interactive Screens

Interactive screens are an effective tool for capturing the attention of conference attendees. By providing interactive content for visitors to get involved in, you can create an immersive experience that makes your business stand out from the traditional static displays.

In doing so, you will help to spark curiosity and facilitate memorable interactions with your brand, which aids in making you much more memorable.

Showcase Your Product & Case Studies

A great way to highlight the value of your products or services is by showcasing product demonstrations and case studies on interactive screens. Use the screens to demonstrate the benefits your business solutions bring and how they solve real-world challenges.

By allowing attendees to interact with your products or witness success stories firsthand, you can build credibility and foster trust for your brand.

Host Quizzes & Surveys

Another effective way to engage attendees and gather valuable insights is by incorporating quizzes and surveys into your conference stand through the use of interactive screens. While they should be related to your industry or business, you can still have fun with it.

Encourage visitors to take part by offering incentives. This could be a prize for the highest scoring attendees, discounts from your products/service or the chance to be entered into a random prize draw upon completing the quiz or survey.

Create a Challenge or Game

Interactive games and challenges are great icebreakers and make your conference stand appear more approachable. Much like the quizzes and surveys, you can offer prizes or discounts to those getting involved as an incentive to take part.

By leveraging interactive content, showcasing product demonstrations and encouraging active participation through quizzes, surveys or games, you can make a lasting impression on attendees.

Incorporate Digital Signage

Catching Attention with Impressive Displays

When it comes to making your conference stall stand out, incorporating digital signage can be a game-changer.By using vibrant and eye-catching displays, you can instantly capture the attention of a passerby.

Opt for high resolution screens and vivid graphics to visually differentiate your booth from others. Bold colours, dynamic animations and visually appealing designs help to generate curiosity in what you have to offer and draw attendees towards your display.

Tell Your Brand Story and Proposition

Digital signage provides a dynamic platform for you to showcase your brand in an impactful way, foster meaningful interactions, and reinforce your brand's message. Use captivating videos, animations or slideshows that effectively communicate your brand story and value proposition.

Engaging visuals help to highlight features and benefits of your products or services, letting attendees know how you can solve specific problems. These compelling visuals leave a memorable impression that resonates with attendees long after the conference ends.

Communicate Key Messages

Digital signage allows you to communicate key messages in a concise and impactful manner. Craft clear and compelling messages that align with your brand's value proposition and use attention-grabbing headlines, taglines, and bullet points.

Tailor the content to resonate with your target audience and remember to keep the messages concise, easy to read, and visually appealing to maximise their effectiveness.

Audio Visual Solutions at DMS

At DMS, our team of experienced account managers can help you to transform your conference stalls with bespoke audio visual solutions, including interactive screens and digital signage. We work closely with our expert team of designers to create the best possible solution for your budget and workspace, putting you in control.

We also take pride in our competitive pricing, with a range of incredibly affordable services to keep your business costs down whilst simultaneously helping you to save and make more money.

Get in touch with a friendly member of our team today to discuss how our services can benefit your business today.

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