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How Marketing Has Changed With Technological Advances

Nov 14, 2022

It’s clear to see that the ever evolving environment of marketing has drastically changed in the past 10-15 years, often this progression has run parallel to the advancement in relevant technology and its capabilities.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing constitutes any type of marketing promotion or dealings that rely on digital platforms or technologies, to communicate with potential customers.

Marketing Technology

Marketing technology continues to improve to allow digital marketers to reach a wider audience than ever before. Hardware such as powerful computers, phones and servers running off ethereal omnipresent softwares allows many businesses to give traditional marketing efforts a new lease of life.

The development in computer science means digital company assets are faster, smarter and easier to use, all of which benefit online marketing. A standard smartphone is said to be millions of times more powerful than the Apollo 11 moon landing computer guidance systems.

Non remote server software such as ‘cloud’ services, allow marketing departments to store and analyse gargantuan amounts of data sets and consumer behaviour to directly improve e-commerce and digital advertising. These processes lead to personalised ads and targeted sponsored content, a unique sales strategy to communicate visiting consumers.

Other new technologies including conversational artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots and voice search all magnify the user experience of a target audience, online shoppers fro example.

Social Media Marketing

One of the most powerful platforms for modern marketing is social media, where successfully planned and executed marketing campaigns can go viral and take over the internet in a matter of hours. This nuclear way of spreading a message or selling a product can be an ace modern marketing strategy due to unrivalled visibility and relevance. Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat all are platforms for companies to post, share or promote their interests, especially prudent via the medium of popular influencers to magnify the voice of a business.

Other types Of Marketing Strategy That Technology Has Furthered

Don't be mistaken in thinking advances in modern technology have only benefited digital marketing strategies. Traditional marketing outlets such as print, have also deployed and incorporated technological advances combined with brand creativity to stay ahead of competitors as well as keep immediate and relevant.

One example includes betting company Paddy Power using digital communication to capitalise on an infamous in-play football incident in 2014. Within 30 minutes the cpmpany had booked print ads relating to the occurrence in the next day's edition of a national newspaper, a testament to speed of bandwidth as well as speed of thought.

Head of Paddy Power’s sportsbook marketing, Dave Singleton said on the matter -

“To be able to turn around a press ad at half past four in the afternoon and for it to be in the papers the next morning is fantastic, it couldn't have happened four or five years ago” said Singleton. “The rise of digital means you can work incredibly fast.”

How DMS Can Help Marketing Agencies

After an initial investigation producing a comprehensive audit report, we work alongside a business’ sales and marketing director, to tailor a bespoke leasing package to meet all of your digital needs. This includes managed print services, end user IT, network infrastructure, telecommunications, software, audio and visual collaboration furniture.

This comprehensive service takes care of all your business’ technology needs under a single, easy to manage contract. Allow DMS to provide your business with opportunities to conduct superior marketing solutions. The latest PCs and mobile devices orchestrated with expert guidance and advice could help navigate marketing challenges in this highly saturated field.

Contact us today for business technology solutions.

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