DMS Providing Schools and Universities with Audio Visual Solutions

Feb 16, 2022

The DMS Digital group specialises in offering a wide range of IT services, such as audio visual solutions, to schools and universities, helping to meet requirements for cost-effective and flexible working capabilities

Keep reading to find out how DMS supports schools and universities with bespoke AV solutions.

Supporting New Ways of Working and Blended Learning

Since the coronavirus crisis, businesses and places of education such as schools and universities have had to make drastic changes to the way in which they work, with many attending classes and meetings remotely via online video calls as opposed to physically attending class in order to comply with the government’s covid regulations.

Since the crisis lots of schools and universities have decided to adopt a blended learning approach which combines both online education with traditional classroom based learning.

DMS’ audio visual solutions supported these new ways of working, providing teachers and pupils with all the necessary tools to facilitate remote learning, such as tablets, laptops, webcams and microphones.

What Other Type of Audio Visual Solutions Does DMS Offer?

Early Learning Screens

Nowadays, no nursery or key stage 1 classroom is complete without an Early Learning Screen.

With the objective of engaging children using educational gaming software to inspire learning, it uses the latest 10 point touch technology to allow a number of children to draw and mark directly onto the screen at the same time.

Interactive Display Screens

Thanks to our comprehensive range of screens available, we offer a number of interactive display solutions, suitable for the education sector.

By working closely with you to understand your school's exact requirements, DMS can provide a complete end-to-end consultative approach to providing you with the right technology.

We also offer on-site demonstrations from a wide range of leading manufacturers at our ‘Innovation Centre’.

Why Choose DMS for Your School’s Audio Visual Services?

Our experience working with schools and other educational institutions means we’re able to fully understand and appreciate your unique requirements, specific needs and work with you to maximise cost savings whilst exploiting every opportunity to improve your document production process.

Many schools strive for the best educational outcomes whilst facing funding pressure and growing class sizes.

At DMS, we work with educational establishments to develop robust, cost-effective digital solutions in bespoke monthly bundles to suit your individual needs.

As the only North West business on the Y20003 Audio Visual Solutions Framework, you can count on us to deliver the highest quality of educational technology solutions.

For more information on how DMS can help your school, get in touch with our team today.

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