Digitising Construction: How DMS is Transforming the Industry's Future

Nov 08, 2023

McKinsey Globe recently named the construction industry as the second least digitised sector worldwide. While many sectors have rapidly embraced the digital transformation, construction has fallen behind.

In this article, we’ll be explaining one of the biggest challenges facing the industry and why it's crucial to adapt and evolve.

Why the Construction Industry Needs Digitising

Construction’s wariness of new technologies can perhaps be put down to the tangible nature of the work and the mindset of "if it isn't broken, don't fix it." Whatever the reason, this reluctance has left the industry trailing behind others that have readily integrated tech solutions.

The Cost of Lagging Behind

Productivity Problems

One of the most evident signs of the industry's resistance to change is its productivity rate. Construction's productivity levels have consistently remained below the UK average.

This isn't just a statistic on a paper; it translates to real-world issues like delayed projects, budget overruns, and unsatisfied stakeholders.

Missed Opportunities

By sticking to old methods, the construction industry misses out on many benefits technology offers.

Automated processes, data-driven decisions, and streamlined operations are just a few of the advantages that come with digital adoption. Without these, inefficiencies creep in, wasting time and money.

DMS: Bringing Modern Tech Solutions to Construction

Today's construction industry demands efficient systems and digital aids. That’s where we come in. DMS Digital Group offers a range of bespoke tech solutions for the construction sector. Benefits include:

Streamlined Document Workflow

Say goodbye to rummaging through drawers for that one blueprint or contract. DMS streamlines document workflow, ensuring easy, yet secure, access to all crucial paperwork, anytime, anywhere with just a few clicks.

By reducing unnecessary paperwork, construction businesses can focus on what they do best, building and planning, without the chaos of misplaced documents.

Real-Time Chats with Conferencing Tools

With team members spread across different sites or even cities, keeping everyone on the same page can be tricky. DMS's conferencing solutions ensure real-time communication, making collaboration smooth and simple.

This also eliminates the need for travel, helping your business to save a significant amount of time and money.

Comprehensive IT Services

From software updates to hardware maintenance, DMS offers end-to-end IT solutions tailored for the construction industry. No more tech headaches, just smooth operations.

Strong Network & Infrastructure

A construction business needs a robust IT backbone. With DMS, companies can rely on seamless network and infrastructure operations, ensuring that all digital tools function without a hitch.

The Cloud: Your Digital Storage Solution

Bulky filing cabinets taking up too much space in your offices? With DMS's cloud services, all of your important data, from project blueprints to client contracts, is just a click away, stored safely in the cloud.

This also allows for better collaboration, allowing you to share documents more easily with your team and clients.

Procurement and Management: Embracing Digital Solutions

The world is moving digital, and the construction industry shouldn't be left behind. With the right tools, procurement and management can become smoother, more efficient, and more cost-effective.

Traditional procurement processes can be a tangled web of paperwork, manual entries, and time-consuming tasks. These old methods often lead to errors, delays, and added costs.
End-to-end procurement and materials management software are game-changers. They simplify workflows, reduce errors, and speed up the procurement cycle.

With DMS's cutting-edge solutions, construction businesses can reap the benefits of digital procurement. From faster order processing to real-time tracking, DMS helps save both time and money, leading to greater financial efficiencies.

Boosting Profit Margins with Modern Tech

Supply Chain and Procurement software aren't just tools; they're like a window into your business's financial health. They offer insights into spending, helping firms understand where their money goes and where they can save.

With time capture and modern payroll software, the days of lengthy payroll processing are gone. These digital tools streamline tasks, ensuring that employees are paid correctly and on time.

Not only does this lead to happier staff, but it also helps in better cost management. By reducing the time spent on routine tasks, businesses can focus on more important matters, further boosting efficiency and profitability within the construction industry.

Regulatory Compliance: Digital Tools at the Helm

In the modern construction landscape, compliance isn't just about following rules—it's about ensuring safety, responsibility, and sustainability. With evolving regulations, it's essential for construction businesses to employ digital tools that aid in meeting these standards.

Addressing Carbon Reporting Requirements

Another major issue facing the construction industry is the UK Government's goal of ‘net zero’ by 2050. Currently, construction accounts for around 40% of total UK carbon emissions.

Through digitalisation, the process of tracking a project's carbon footprint is made easier. From sourcing materials to the actual building process, technology offers real-time data and insights. This not only helps in adhering to carbon reporting requirements but also paves the way for greener construction practices.

The construction industry can also save significant energy by going paperless and digitally transforming their document workflow.

Digital Logs: Beyond Just Keeping Time

Delays in construction are not just costly; they can dent a company's reputation. A digital log that meticulously tracks the causes of delays serves a dual purpose. First, it provides invaluable data to stakeholders, allowing for immediate corrective action.

Second, it offers a transparent view into the project's timeline, assuring clients and partners of accountability and commitment.

Paving the Way for a Digital Construction Future

The construction landscape is changing. As bricks and mortar evolve with the digital age, there's a clear signal that those who don't adapt risk being left behind. The importance of integrating technology isn't just about staying relevant; it's about reshaping the very foundation of how the construction industry operates.


Change, especially of this magnitude, can be daunting. But construction companies don't have to navigate this alone. The DMS Group stands ready to be a partner in this transformative journey.

With a suite of tailored technological solutions, DMS promises not just a digital shift but a comprehensive digital transformation.

Gone are the days of multiple different technology contracts, providers and account managers. With DMS One, it's all under one easy to manage contract, with just one number to call for all of your tech enquiries.

A brighter, more efficient, and future-ready construction sector is on the horizon. Let's shape it together.

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