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Best Printers For Classrooms

Nov 21, 2022

Printers can be an essential tool within classrooms and in the wider education sector in general.

In this blog we will be exploring the best printers to be deployed in classrooms and why their benefits relate to aiding teachers and learning.

Why Are Printers Still Valuable In Classrooms?

Even in the increasingly digitised modern world, there is still a requirement for information contained on paper, especially in the education sector.

A quality printing system allows teachers or learning supervisors to quickly and efficiently produce physical copies of important documents and learning tools for dispersal among their students, at just the push of a button.

Most Printers provide a crisper, sharper image even compared to some of the latest visual technologies, making reading based tasks easier and more inclusive for all students.

Printers can also be used for other essential tasks such as photocopying or scanning, the flexibility of available service makes them a must for any learning environment.

Types Of Printers

Inkjet Printers

This type of printer uses ink (hence the name) to produce the best service in terms of high- resolution imaging, and is even capable of photo quality printing . These types of systems tend to be easier to use, require no warm up time and cost little compared to some other types of printing systems.

Laser Printers

Usually laser printers tend to initially cost a little more than some of their competitors, however, their low cost per print and the fact they offer the quickest printing available makes them a popular choice in environments where a lot of paper is needed.

Inkless Printers

As opposed to traditional printing means, inkless printers are a relatively modern technology that as the name suggests do not require ink when producing a print, but instead rely upon colourless heat-reactive crystals to create the image.

All In One (Multifunctional) Printers

All in one (AIO) printers are capable of fusing a myriad of functions taken from each of the popular printer models mentioned above, to offer multifunctional usage and efficient operations combined into one succinct unit. Despite a higher initial unit cost, in terms of convenience and the reduction of gadget clutter, these types of technologies always prove very popular.

Why A managed Printing Solution Can Be The Perfect Choice For The Education Sector

DMS managed print services consist of our dedicated and experienced team firstly assessing, then optimising your printing system, including - hardware, software and services.

Offering a range of services and technical guidance, DMS innovation and insights can assist your printing in the following ways

A recent case study revealed over the course of five years, our managed printing services have saved one of our clients in excess of £1.5million! An astounding figure we are extremely proud of and inspired by.

Why Choose DMS’ Digital Technology Solutions?

A Bolton based business, with over 40 years experience offering Technology and IT solutions, we here at DMS pride ourselves on our ability to deliver creative and effective means of augmenting a business’ digital space on a massive scale.

A bespoke digital strategy of business technology fused with relevant content, could propel your company to new frontiers. The financial incentives are clear to see, but more importantly DMS solutions are an investment in your company's ethos, demonstrating a willingness to not only react to and accept the current climate of industry, but think forward towards more success.

If you want to launch your business into the future, get in touch with us today!

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