Transform Learning With Outdoor Digital Signage

Oct 19, 2022

In this blog we will discuss the benefits of applied technology within education, in particular the potential positives of outdoor digital signage.

What Is Outdoor Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a type of relaying information by content distribution using large, often free standing weatherproof LCD or LED screens positioned in high traffic areas or key locations outdoors (or indoors).

Outdoor Digital Signage Within Education

Digital signage can be found deployed in many capacities across a range of industries, but it’s within the education sector they may have the most benefit in terms of functionality and potential results.

From higher education to early stage learning, ‘EdTech’ is already an extremely popular avenue of learning enhancement, with applicable technology being used in a wide variety of forms.

Benefits of Digital Signage


The fact the signs can be installed outdoors creates endless opportunities for an alternative learning experience, rather than be hampered by the restrictiveness of one room in a building.

Outdoor learning as a practice can have many benefits on students, improved physical and mental health, greater appreciation of the immediate natural environment and the more efficient development of interpersonal skills, such as communication.


The digital nature of outdoor LCD/LED screens means they can be programmed to show specific or bespoke content, increasing relevance and therefore increasing engagement with the intended audience.

Relevancy is of huge importance in terms of learning content production, studies show younger people have a shorter attention span compared to even a decade ago due to the instant and often tailored nature of social media platforms and their easily digestible content. Therefore the more relevant and immediate information is to a specific audience the greater likelihood of that audience efficiently digesting and retaining the information.


Information distributed through scheduled communication is easily amenable should a change in itinerary or new important flow of information occur. This means any previous clunky stridgency regarding routines can be replaced with more flexible and applicable decision making.


Through digital signage, faculty members have a greater ability to run their departments and utilise the outdoor space on site. In many educational institutions, learning can be instilled and inspired at any time, rather than ending when leaving a specifically designated room.

Digital signage can be a useful resource for screen mirroring, being synced with authorised devices can allow teachers/lecturers to add subsidiary learning material onto an outdoor screen as to supplement their lesson/lectures.


Digital Signage can demonstrate to students the real world applicability and beneficial functionality of increasingly relevant technology centred industries such as digital marketing, graphic design and communications.

A showcasing of careers and industries that are thriving and increasingly populous can be inspiring to the younger generations and promote a healthy work ethic as to attain a realistic goal.


Due to the varied and easy installation capacity of digital signage, they can be placed in optimum locales of the outdoor space on a learning site. Previously ignored or unutilised site/campus space such as walkway or footpath intersections can be transformed into information dispensaries and quick knowledge supply points.

Cost effective

After the initial purchase price (often this is extremely reasonable due to the long lasting nature of digital signage), these screens can utilise free internally generated material via software applications. You will also be cutting down on paper usage in terms of traditional information distribution, being great for the environment whilst offering your industry a great performance.

Outdoor Digital Signage is an excellent way of communication and information distribution, especially in terms of learning content. Faculty members of educational facilities can transform their student’s experience and enhance their information onboarding capacity by utilising the latest in modern digital assistance.

Why Choose DMS’ Digital Technology Solutions?

A Bolton based business, with over 40 years experience offering Technology and IT solutions, we here at DMS pride ourselves on our ability to deliver creative and effective means of augmenting an operation’s digital space on a massive scale.

A bespoke digital strategy of technology fused with relevant content, could propel your institution to new frontiers. DMS solutions are an investment in your organisation's ethos, demonstrating a willingness to not only react to and accept the current climate of the educational system, but think forward towards more success.

If you want to launch your organisation into the future via digital education, get in touch with us today!

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