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A Solution to the RAAC Crisis: DMS Digital & ViewSonic's UNIVERSE

Sep 14, 2023

In recent months, the UK educational sector has been plunged into uncertainty due to the discovery of reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (RAAC) in numerous school buildings.

This crisis has not only led to skyrocketing costs, estimated to be nearing £150 million, but has also forced schools to reconsider their entire approach to educational infrastructure. As schools face partial or complete closures, the pressure to transition back to remote or hybrid learning models has intensified significantly.

In response to these pressing challenges, DMS Digital Group has partnered with ViewSonic to provide a robust, cost-effective alternative: the UNIVERSE virtual classroom platform.

Designed to accommodate the unique complexities of the UK educational market, including compliance with DfE guidelines, UNIVERSE serves as a potentially invaluable resource for schools navigating the RAAC crisis and beyond.

In this article, we’ll be explaining the wide range of features and advantages of employing a sophisticated virtual classroom system like UNIVERSE.

The High Costs of Addressing RAAC

The RAAC crisis has upended the UK educational sector, leading to widespread concern over the structural integrity of numerous school buildings. Since the discovery of unsafe RAAC materials, schools have had to grapple with partial closures, disrupted curricula, and logistical nightmares, placing immense stress on administrators, teachers, students, and parents alike.

Estimated Costs Nearing £150 Million

According to recent estimates, the cost of addressing the RAAC issue is quickly approaching £150 million, a figure that's putting considerable strain on educational budgets. These costs predominantly involve the removal and replacement of aerated concrete panels, which are considered a high safety risk.

The Potential for Costs of Complete Rebuilds

While current estimates are alarming, the financial implications could worsen dramatically if temporary fixes are deemed insufficient. Should experts and governmental bodies conclude that the most effective way to deal with the crisis is through a comprehensive rebuilding program, we could be looking at an even more astronomical price tag. According to construction sources, even if just a fifth of the affected schools undergo complete rebuilding, costs could surge to nearly £250 million.

The Urgency for Schools to React Quickly to Safety Risks and Space Limitations

The volatile nature of the RAAC situation requires schools to act swiftly and decisively, both to safeguard the wellbeing of students and staff and to comply with evolving regulations. The pressure to act quickly is further compounded by impending legal risks, which could result in local authorities facing hefty payouts in the event of structural failures causing injury.

In the face of these complexities, schools must not only consider immediate safety measures but also strategise for long-term solutions. While the cost-effectiveness of complete rebuilding remains a matter of debate, schools are compelled to explore alternative avenues, including digital transformation, to secure uninterrupted education in these uncertain times.

Why Virtual Classrooms Are Worth Considering

In the wake of the RAAC crisis, the need for flexible, efficient, and secure educational solutions has never been more critical. Virtual classrooms offer an option worth considering, especially as they can be deployed swiftly to meet urgent needs while being highly cost-effective in comparison to physical restructuring or renovation.

One such digital teaching tool that stands out is ViewSonic's Education Metaverse: UNIVERSE.

ViewSonic UNIVERSE: What are the Benefits?

Intuitive Teaching Tools

UNIVERSE is engineered to simplify the digital teaching experience. Teachers can effortlessly share content, utilise digital whiteboards, and even administer quizzes in real-time. The user-friendly interface minimises the learning curve for teachers who may be new to digital platforms.

Student Engagement Features

Keeping students engaged in a virtual setting can be challenging, but UNIVERSE offers a variety of features to overcome this hurdle. Teachers can group students into breakout rooms within seconds, offer real-time feedback, and facilitate interactive discussions. With visually prominent emojis and chat features, students can express themselves freely, ensuring a dynamic learning environment.

Simplified Classroom Management

Managing a virtual classroom should not require a degree in IT. Fortunately, UNIVERSE's Active Study Mode allows teachers to control audio and screen sharing, mitigating distractions and ensuring a focused learning space. Monitoring features also alert teachers when a student is inactive or browsing other tabs, enabling quick redirection to the task at hand.

UK Compliance Features for Safety and Data Protection

When considering any digital platform for education in the UK, compliance with local regulations is non-negotiable. UNIVERSE addresses this by ensuring that only registered students and teachers can join the virtual classroom.

With GDPR-compliant data protection measures in place, schools can confidently adopt this platform without fear of breaching legal standards.

Economical Considerations and Cost-Benefit Analysis

While the initial costs of implementing a virtual classroom solution may raise eyebrows, it's important to evaluate this against the financial burden of ongoing physical maintenance or the astronomical costs of total building replacements, especially under the shadow of the RAAC crisis.

When you factor in the quick deployment and scalability of a platform like UNIVERSE, not to mention the added value of uninterrupted education, the return on investment becomes increasingly clear.

By embracing virtual classrooms as a part of their broader digital transformation strategy, schools can achieve a greater level of resilience and adaptability, qualities that are indispensable in our ever-changing educational landscape.

How Schools Affected by the RAAC Crisis Could Effectively Utilise UNIVERSE

Let’s imagine a school currently grappling with RAAC-related closures affecting a significant percentage of its classrooms.

Within days of implementing ViewSonic's UNIVERSE, the school would be able to shift to a hybrid model of in-person and remote learning, ensuring that the educational syllabus remains uninterrupted. Teachers would be quickly trained on the intuitive platform, and students given a short orientation, reducing downtime and disruption.

Within the first week, attendance rates in the virtual classes would match or exceed pre-crisis levels.

Using the Active Study Mode, teachers could keep students focused and utilise real-time quizzes to gauge understanding. Students can participate actively through the engagement features, maintaining a semblance of the interactive classroom environment they're used to.

Why a Robust Virtual Classroom System Should be a Necessary Part of Schools' Contingency Planning

As showcased by the COVID-19 pandemic and more recently the RAAC crisis, the unexpected can and will happen.

Having a virtual classroom system like UNIVERSE in place isn't just an optional add-on; it's an integral component of a comprehensive contingency plan. Schools need to be able to pivot quickly in response to a crisis, ensuring both educational continuity and the safety of students and staff.

In a situation where the cost of structural fixes is exorbitantly high, not just in terms of finances but also in educational downtime, the relatively modest investment in a robust virtual classroom system pays off multiple times over.

Considerations for Long-term Flexibility and Adaptability

The educational landscape is ever-evolving, and the requirements for teaching tools and platforms are shifting along with it. Adopting a system like UNIVERSE is more than a response to immediate challenges; it's a forward-looking strategy.

Virtual classrooms allow schools to experiment with blended learning models, integrate additional resources as they become available, and adapt quickly to curricular changes.

Moreover, as we move towards an increasingly digital world, proficiency in virtual platforms will become a basic skill, akin to literacy and numeracy. Early exposure to these platforms equips students with skills that will serve them well in higher education and the workforce.

A comprehensive virtual classroom system shouldn't be viewed as a short-term fix but as a sustainable, long-term solution that offers resilience, adaptability, and a host of educational advantages.

Budget and Compliance Considerations

Navigating the intricacies of budgeting and compliance in the UK's educational landscape is no small feat, especially when crises like RAAC come into play. In this context, a virtual classroom solution like ViewSonic's UNIVERSE could serve as both an economically viable and compliant alternative.

How DMS Digital's DfE-Approved Technology Frameworks Facilitate Seamless, Compliant Integration

DMS Digital has been awarded places on several DfE-approved technology frameworks, enhancing our capability to offer UNIVERSE as a compliant and efficient solution to the UK educational system.

Our extensive expertise in both Microsoft and Google ecosystems allows for seamless integration with existing infrastructures, whether schools operate on Microsoft Education, Google Classroom, or a mixture of both.

Through our positions on these frameworks, we can accelerate the procurement process, giving schools quicker access to this robust virtual teaching solution. Additionally, our offerings can include targeted training for staff, ensuring not just compliance but also enhanced educational outcomes.

In summary, as educational institutions face immediate crises and long-term uncertainties, a virtual classroom system like UNIVERSE emerges as a resilient, compliant, and financially prudent choice. DMS Digital, backed by our awarded places on several DfE-approved frameworks, can make the transition to this new educational paradigm both smooth and effective.

Trusting DMS with the Future of Your School

As we navigate through the intricacies of the RAAC crisis, the role of technology solutions providers like DMS Digital and partners such as ViewSonic cannot be understated.

Our combined expertise in ed-tech and compliance with UK-specific guidelines places us in a unique position to assist schools in finding resilient, cost-effective solutions during these trying times.

The current infrastructural challenges present an urgent call to explore multiple avenues, and we believe that a balanced approach that incorporates virtual classroom solutions can offer both immediate relief and long-term benefits.

By leveraging platforms like UNIVERSE, schools can maintain continuity in education while addressing immediate safety concerns. We invite you to experience the difference UNIVERSE can make in your institution's digital transformation journey. Start with a free trial to explore its intuitive features and robust capabilities.

Reach out to our team of experts at DMS for custom solutions that are tailored to fit your institution's unique requirements. Our awarded positions on several DfE-approved technology frameworks allow us to expedite the procurement process, facilitating quicker, seamless transitions to a more resilient educational infrastructure.

In these challenging times, let's work together to keep education accessible, engaging, and above all, safe.

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